Smoothie blends of Aotearoa

We believe the ingredients of Aotearoa are some of the best in the world. That’s why Whai Ora smoothie blends are made from New Zealand-grown fruits, vegetables, oats, milk and honey. We use these key ingredients and combine with different fruits and vegetables for each of our Whai Ora smoothies.

It’s tasty real food, made easy.

Whai Ora Green Product


Lime, Spinach with a hint of mint.

Like a garden in a glass, add some wholesome zing to your day with a nourishing blend of spinach, mint and lime.

(Contains: fruits, vegetables, oats, milk and honey)

Whai Ora Berry Product


Blackcurrant with a hint of boysenberry.

The rich blend of blackcurrants and boysenberry gives you a power punch of grains, with the perfect balance of tart sweetness.

(Contains: fruits, vegetables, oats, milk and honey)

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